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On this site you can book appointments for Craniosacral therapy, Strengthening Dialouge and activities that strengthen your health. 


 Offering services in health and personal development that strengthen your self-esteem, vitality and creativity.
Connected to the wellness grant ePassi.


"Gudrun is a great life coach who, through a reasoning approach, helps you find your own answers. She is both wise and professional with a bundle of humor and joy. Wish to give her my very best and warmest recommendations/Jessica A."

"As always knowledgeable and wise/Ann-Britt B."

"Absolutely wonderful treatment/Mari E."

Strongly recommend! I have had craniosacral treatment with Gudrun. Nice treatment, responsive and gives that extra. You can tell that she is passionate about what she does and has a lot of knowledge and holistic thinking. I was helped to reduce my stress levels and the pain which radiates down the leg became much better/Anna N."

"Fantastic experience for my daughter who had problems with her neck. Warm welcome and nice premises. We are coming back/Lisa K."

"Recommends the Craniosacral treatment. Felt relaxed and balanced afterwards and my pain lessened. Andreas N."